Home Packing & Marking Definitions
A Wooden Pallet(Wooden Skids) : Equally spaced wooden blocks are nailed to the platform of the pallet to provide a bedding for a coil.
B Wedge: Wooden wedges keep the wooden skids from shifting.
C Strap (Signode) : Steel or nylon belts can be used to lash coils.
D Wire: Steel wire lashing is joined to the strapping to brace the coil.
E Edge Protector : Corrugated cover protects coil edges.
F ID Ring(Inner diameter)
G OD (Outer diameter)
H Signode Seal : Can be attached to a strap for customer identification.
I Side Disc
J HDPE(High Density Polyethylene) : HDPE-laminated paper can be used to wrap coils for corrosion resistance.
K VCI (Volatile Corrosion Resistance) : VCI paper can be used to wrap coils for protection against corrosion in sea-worthy export packing.
L Timber Chock : Square timber can be used to chock coils against shifting.