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Aluminized steel is steel coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy by the hot-dip process. The alloy contains 5-11% silicon to promote better adherence. It is well suited for heat-resisting applications and for end-uses where corrosion resistance is critical.
Corrosion resistance: Aluminum coated steel offers better corrosion-resistance than galvanized steel because aluminum coating generates dense and stable oxide and hydro-oxide films in the air and water. Unlike zinc coating, however, aluminum does not provide the galvanic edge protection and is highly resistant to weak acids but not alkalis.
Heat reflectivity: Aluminum coated steel has 80% heat reflectivity when exposed to 400 °C for 24 hours.
Heat-resistance: Typical heat-resistance for aluminum coated steel is 20 times that of cold-rolled steel and 5 times that of galvanized steel. Tests have shown that the product resists surface discoloration in temperatures up to 480°C and destructive heat scaling to 600°C.
Weatherability: Recent application tests have shown that the product conforming to the specifications of ASTM A463 Type 1 and JIS G3314 Type 1 provide excellent weatherability.
Automobile : automotive mufflers, gasoline tanks, front and center tubes, tail pipes, insulators, covers, transmission panels, etc.
Thermal equipment : heat exchangers, incinerators, drying furnaces, water heaters, ducts, burners, chimneys, barbecue grills, etc.
Appliances : gas stoves, fan heaters, ovens, microwaves, toasters, electric frying pans, rice cookers, baking trays, TV Braun tube bands, etc.
Construction : containers, flexible ducts, shutters, greenhouse pipes, etc
Office equipment : Computer bodies, printers, copying machines, fax machines, blackboards, etc.