Home Products Hot-dipped Galvanized
Steel sheet zinc-coated by the hot-dip process -“galvanized”- for enhanced corrosion-resistance.
Spangles : Galvanized steel is identified by crystallization patterning on the surface, called a “spangle,” resulting from the zinc-coating process.
Corrosion Resistance : The zinc coating provides sacrificial protection against corrosive attacks in outdoor exposures.
Great paintability, weldability, formability and drawability.
Architecture : Roofing, siding, pre-fabricated buildings, building panels, gutters, downspouts, guide rails, ductwork, vent piping, etc.
Agricultural buildings :
Automobile : Exterior automotive body parts, railroad cars, school bus floors, fuel tanks, etc.
Appliances : Washing machines, refrigerators, vending machines, etc.