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Prepainted galvanized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance by using the combination of hot-dipped galvanizing and paint coating for protective barriers. The paint coating serves both functional and aesthetic purposes: it offers a wide spectrum of appealing colors as well as promoting weatherability. Another key advantage is that it helps manufacturers control risks and costs involved in in-house painting operations.
Architecture: Roofing, siding, pre-fabricated buildings, building panels, gutters, downspouts, guide rails, ductwork, vent piping, etc.
Agricultural buildings and animal confinement buildings (galvanized is recommended over Galvalume for animal confinement buildings; gas emissions in livestock barns, especially pig barns, adversely affect the performance of Galvalume.)
Automobile: Exterior automotive body parts, railroad cars, school bus floors, fuel tanks, etc.
Appliances: Washing machines, refrigerators, vending machines, etc.