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Prepainted Galvalume is a high value-added product. It combines the superior corrosion resistance of Galvalume substrate with the color coating that is both aesthetically pleasant and protective. Tests have shown that prepainted Galvalume provides a higher degree of corrosion resistance, paint adherence, coating flexibility, cut edge protection, heat resistance, and heat reflectivity than typical prepainted G90 galvanized. It has a proven lifespan of at least 3 times that of galvanized. Galvalume is becoming the most preferred base for prepainted steel
Prepainted Galvalume is ideally suited to painted applications where superior corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity is needed.
Architectural: Pre-engineered buildings, architectural panels, roofing, siding, partitions, gutters, downspouts, etc.
Agricultural Buildings: Animal confinement buildings (excluding pig barns for their severely corrosive environment affects the performance of Galvalume), barns for storing crops and feed, equipment storage facilities, greenhouse, etc.
Automotive: Automobile, trucks, trailers, etc.
Equipment: Highway signs, displays (prepainted sheets accept other paints as well where lettering and additional painting is required), lighting, containers, furnaces, ductwork, etc.
Appliances: Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, cooking appliance, laundry appliances, water heaters, TV, air conditioning equipment.
The Galvalume substrate undergoes cleaning and chemical pretreatments in preparation for paint coating. The pre-treatments promote paint adhesion and inhibit corrosion.
Primer Coating
After the chemical pretreatments, a layer of primer is applied on the pretreated surface. The primer enhances painting flexibility and adds an additional protection against corrosion. On the unexposed back side, a service coating of epoxy (wash coat) is usually applied, unless otherwise required by the customer. Customers should consider the thickness of the primer for they vary depending on the end use.
Top Coating
A top coat is applied to the primed surface. It provides color, aesthetic appearance, and an additional barrier against corrosion. Typically, top coats are applied to the exposed top side only.
Prepainted Galvalume/Galvanized is available in a broad range of topcoats.
The typical end uses may differ based on the characteristics of the paint types.
Regular Modified Polyester (RMP)
Characteristics Corrosion resistance, weatherability, chemical resistance, variety of color choices, etc.
Applications Roofing and siding of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, pre-fabricated buildings, building panels, interiors, partitions, fireproof doors, home appliance exterior, steel furniture, gutters, etc.
Silicon Polyester
Characteristics Corrosion resistance, weatherability, heat resistance, variety of color choices, etc.
Applications Roofing and wall panels of manufacturing facilities and of cold-storage buildings, food processing plants,
partitions, fireproof doors, building panels, etc.
Characteristics Anti-contamination, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, weatherability, etc.
Applications Applications Roofing, siding, cladding, partitions, doors, elevators, fireproof doors, garage doors, hospital building cladding and interiors, etc.
Poly Vinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)
Characteristics Fire resistance, UV resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance, etc.
Applications Roofing, siding, cladding, architectural buildings, curtain walls, shutters, ceiling panels, mobile partitions, doors, etc.
High Polymer Polyester (HPP)
Characteristics Corrosion resistance, variety of color choices, aesthetic surface, great flexibility, etc.
Applications Home appliance exterior such as refrigerators, dish washers, vending machines, microwaves, VCRs, doors, interiors, etc.
One-Side Embossed
Characteristics Decorative textured finishes with leather grain as standard, great surface hardness, colorful & aesthetic appearance, etc.
Applications Home appliance exterior such as refrigerators, interiors, siding panels, warehouses, prefabricated buildings, firewall partitions, doors, etc.
Both-Side Embossed
Characteristics Wood grain, stucco or other richly textured finishes, great surface hardness, etc.
Applications Garage doors, cold-storage applications, building panels, etc.
PVC Laminated
Characteristics Special decorative effects such as wood grain, linen, smooth or other textured finishes
Applications VCRs, refrigerators, demoisturizers, air conditioners,elevators, doors, steel furniture, cold-storage buildings, partitions, etc.
PVC Plastisol
Applications Applications Roofing and walls of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, interiors, ceilings, partitions, industrial equipment, air conditioners, etc.
Applicable standards are the same as those of Galvalume.