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Steel sheet coated by the hot-dip process with an alloy consisting of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon by weight.
Heat resistance : Galvalume withstands exposure to temperatures of up to 600 F without discoloration and up to 120 F without heavy oxidation and scaling.
Attractive bare appearance : Smooth, silvery metallic surface makes it attractive in unpainted applications.
Great paintability
Lifespan 3 to 6 times longer than typical galvanized.
Better corrosion resistance at sheared edges than galvanized and aluminized sheet.
Forming Qualities : Galvalume can be as readily lock-formed and roll-formed as continuously annealed galvanized sheet steel.
Spangles : Identified by crystallization patterning on the surface - called a “spangle”- resulting from the Al-Zn coating process. (Available in Regular and Extra-smooth spangles)
Automobile: Automotive under-body parts, truck cabs, car platforms, mufflers, hose clamps, bus sub-floors, highway signs, etc.
Architecture: Roofing, siding, pre-engineered metal buildings, agricultural buildings, animal confinement buildings (excluding pig barns for their severely corrosive environment affects the performance of Galvalume), ceiling systems, ventilating ductwork, rain gutters, downspouts, pipes, corrugated pipes, solar panels, etc.
Appliances: Heating equipment, toasters, ovens, washing machines, vending machines, space heaters, air conditioning equipment, etc.
Equipment: Farm equipment and machinery, playground equipment, garden tools, etc.